Comscore: Android On Top Again

It’s that time again, everyone’s latest survey results are coming in. At the end of last week Nielsen reported that Android was on top and today the latest Comscore numbers concur.

What’s more of a shocker in the mobile world is that Blackberry, not IOS, is number 2 according to ComScore and Windows Phone 7 is already loosing market share.  This is the first time that the ComScore index included Windows Phone 7. The Windows category consists of both WP7 and Windows Mobile devices, so in theory it should be skewed higher when they actually lost 2% of their market share.  If a user went from Windows mobile to WP7 there would be no loss or gain.

Android remained number one with 32.2 percent of the market, RIM was second with 30.4 and Apple has 24.7 percent virtually the same as the last report.

Source: ZDNet

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