Cellular South Rolling Out Android 2.2 Froyo To HTC Desire Customers

If you own an HTC Desire on Cellular South, like I do, than you will be glad to know that the Froyo update for the nexus one fraternal twin is rolling out now. Although we don’t personally have it yet we’ve been assured by our Cell South rep that we will see it within the coming days.

HTC is usually aggressive in rolling out Android updates. The best example has been the HTC Evo in the United States which received Froyo first. The international version of the HTC Desire has had Froyo for quite some time as well.

With Android 2.3 rolling out and available on the Nexus S as well as the Xperia Play we have in house, everyone is itching for another update, and hopefully for all it is soon!

The Froyo update promises Flash, app storage on the SD card and wifi hotspot.

If you’re a Cellular South customer with an HTC Desire than click the source link for information about the update. Then cross your fingers it’s an OTA so you should get it soon.

source: Cellular South

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  1. I am in India and have been using htc desirre for abt 3months, Dec or Jan, it ccame with android 2.2 out of the box and its awesome. rather surprised to hear that u guys in the US dont have it – am looking forward to Gingerbrread already!


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