Beluga Acquired By Facebook

See that didn’t take long, one App of the week review from and they are acquired, of course that’s not really how that happened…

Beluga was founded by 3 ex-googlers and was catching on fast. Beluga is a group messaging service where the user makes pods and can essentially replicate a group chat so to speak. MG Siegler at Techcrunch thought Beluga was going to be the break out of the year at SXSW, which starts next week.¬† It’s only been about 2 and a half months since Beluga has been on the map.

The team behind Beluga is Lucy Zhang, Ben Davenport and John Perlow who are all ex-googlers. Their Beluga service is a multi-platform, group messaging service and is supported by Android, iPhone, mobile web, regular web and text message. It means that just about anyone can participate in a group message minus maybe those needing to send smoke signals.

Facebook has announced they’ve acquired Beluga but unlike other Facebook acquisitions they are getting both the company, the people and the technology. For the interim they are going to keep Beluga operating the way it had been, so yes we can still use it at SXSW.

Source: TC Mafia