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AT&T Responds To Claims That 4G Devices Are Capped

Last week we reported that some disgruntled AT&T customers have taken to using an online petition to find out why an iPhone 4G repeatedly beats the upload speeds of AT&T 4G branded devices.  AT&T made a loose statement earlier in the week wrapped around the face that the technology was emerging and they were working on it.

Today, BGR is reporting that AT&T has responded to a Better Business Bureau complaint regarding “capping” speeds on AT&T 4G devices.  Although the statement from AT&T is a denial it is in depth and provides some more insight to the fact that not all markets are turned on and that they are still working on it.

AT&T hasn’t clearly defined via map where the 4G footprint lays for customers, as they are aggressively working on covering the whole country.  When the 4 major carriers began upgrading from 2G to 3G most of the carriers made it a point to show where coverage shifted from new to old technology.

More including AT&T’s response after the break

Sprint has been the most forthcoming about their 4G footprint. Customers can go to any Sprint store or online at and find out where there is 3g and 4G coverage, their in store associates may not be as honest as the website and kiosks.

When T-Mobile shifted from 2G to 3G they would not sell phones that required 3g service in areas that didn’t have 3g service.

Check out AT&T’s response to the Better Business Bureau complaint:

AT&T Mobility (AT&T) received the above-referenced customer complaint and appreciates the opportunity to respond. Specifically, Keith Geissler complains that the recently released Motorola Atrix does not offer speeds anywhere near what advertised speeds claim. He is requesting activation of 4G services and removal of the cap on the Motorola Atrix services.

Account research regarding this complaint shows that AT&T is focused on delivering a wide choice of solutions and the best possible Smartphone experience to our customers. Be assured that AT&T has not “capped” the upload speeds on the ATRIX. The ATRIX is a HSUPA-capable device, and we currently are performing the testing and preparations necessary to ensure that, when we turn this feature on, you will continue to have a world class experience.

We ask that you please keep in mind; software is only one of many factors that can affect speeds experienced. Factors such as location, time of day, network capacity and facilities, can have an impact as well. Again, in order to ensure the best possible customer experience services will become available once testing has been completed.

AT&T sincerely regrets any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Please feel free to contact me directly at 952-703-4316 if you have any additional questions or concerns in this matter.

Name: Sheila Utech, Customer Appeals Manager, Executive Response

Source: BGR

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