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AT&T and T-Mobile Merge May Face Challenges From The FCC

Remember that big news we heard about at the beginning of the week about AT&T and T-Mobile? Well, more news has surfaced regarding this $39 billion dollar deal and from the looks of it the FCC is going to be making them jump through hoops if they want to see this merger be approved. According to the Wall Street Journal, a spokesperson for the FCC stated that it would be a “steep climb” for the deal to go through.

Now if the FCC did approve the deal more than likely there will be stipulations since AT&T will be the largest GSM carrier in the United States. One of the stipulations could have to do with mobile data roaming being enforced. The FCC already requires carriers to off voice roaming and they may do the same with data roaming. Only time will tell what will actually happen.

There has already been complaints about this deal. Sprint, the third largest carrier, has already filed a complaint saying that the believe that this merger would dramatically impact the mobile industry and put too much power in the hands of the two biggest carriers AT&T and Verizon. They have also asked that regulators take a deeper look into this deal between the two companies.

This look like it is going to be an interesting battle and I am sure that many of us look forward to the outcome of it. We will be sure to keep you posted as more comes available.


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