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Atrix 4G To Receive HSUPA According To AT&T

If you remember just a little bit ago we posted news regarding HTC Inspire 4G receiving unlock permission from the FCC for HSPUA. Well, the Inspire 4G isn’t the only AT&T phone to receive this lovely little gift from the FCC.

According to AT&T, on Facebook, the Motorola Atrix 4G will also possibly be able to use those great speeds. According to there statement on Facebook both the Atrix 4G and the Inspire 4G should be receiving updates in April to what we are believing will be HSUPA. AT&T also goes on to say that the Samsung Infuse 4G will come with HSPUA already enabled.

Now all you Atrix and Inspire owners can be happy to hear that HSPUA is on the way and could happen within the next month, we know you have been waiting patiently for your “4G devices” to run on 4G. As soon as we have more information regarding roll-outs we will definitely let you know.


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HTC Inspire 4G Receives FCC Permission To Unlock HSUPA

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