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App of the Week: ReadItLater

The amount of information being posted on the internet in this day and age is incredible. Every single day hundreds of tweets come into my stream for me to gobble up, many with links to longer articles with more details. If I am checking Twitter quickly, sometimes I see a story I really want to read but I don’t have the time right then. Or I see several stories I want to read and I can’t open them all and read them all and then I lose my place and it’s just a mess. A little app called ReadItLater has been saving me a lot of pain lately.

ReadItLater is a very simple app, with a very simple idea: there are some things that you want to read, but you need to read it later. This idea is huge for me. When there are hundreds of tweets I scroll through an hour, I want to read a lot of different material. I hate going out into the browser for every one and wasting all my time waiting to load the site just so I can go onto my next 10 articles. ReadItLater allows me to just hit the share button, and click “Add to ReadItLater”. At this point I can continue reading through my Twitter stream, adding everything that I want to the app. While I am doing this ReadItLater downloads the story for me and places it into my reading list. This way when I open the app all of my articles are waiting for me with no loading times.

ReadItLater doesn’t just take me to the browser for reading either. It downloads everything in a nice article form in the font size and type I choose for easy reading. Much like the app Pulse News Reader has an option to view an article-form version of the link or view the full desktop browser version. This works very well because the article is in the proper format and you encounter no loading.

The app also allows you to customize how the articles you add should show up. You can have the articles be newest first, oldest first, title, or site. It shows the article’s title and the site it was from, and at the bottom there is even a search bar to filter the articles when you want to get right to one. ReadItLater has a great system of keeping your list current because whenever you finish an article you just hit the small check button at the bottom of the article and it sends it to archive. You can access the archive at any time and view the articles that you have already read and checked off, this way if you need to refer back to something you can check the archive instead of fishing through your Twitter feed.

ReadItLater also has a site you can visit that offers the same things, so you can save things from your Twitter feed and go read them on your desktop or laptop. ReadItLater is an awesome app that really helps keep my articles organized and easily accessible. I use it every day, and no longer do I go out to the browser and wait for it to load, I just send it to ReadItLater. This app is very stable and has a beautiful interface, which is why I am making it this week’s App of the Week. You can find it in the market for $.99 , and trust me if you don’t usually buy paid apps, this one is definitely worth it.

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