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Angry Birds Cracks 30 Million Downloads

Rovio’s Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka spoke at the Android monetization panel at the Game Developer’s Conference today and revealed that Angry Birds has cracked 30 million downloads.

In addition to that big tidbit of information Vesterbacka also revealed that an astounding 80% of Android Angry Birds players continue playing past the initial download. They take updates and download subsequent versions of the hit franchise.

Rovio Mobile added a Valentine’s edition of Angry Birds Seasons. They are also launching an Angry Birds Rio version to coincide with the upcoming animated movie by 20th Century Fox called Rio.  Of course be on the look out for a St. Patricks day game for Angry Birds’ Seasons.  Angry Birds Seasons kicked off with a Halloween version, then a Christmas themed version and of course the Valentine’s Day installment.

Angry birds has become a megahit on both IOS and Android. It’s also spawned an entire line of Angry Birds themed plush toys and actual plastic toys.  Mattel has even licensed the franchise to make an Angry Birds board game.

Source: Joystiq

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