Angry Birds And Rovio Mobile’s Mighty Ego

If you try something 50 times you are either going to go insane or eventually have a hit right? That’s what Rovio Mobile did with Angry Birds. Prior to the Angry Birds phenomenon Rovio Mobile had 50 mediocre at best titles on multiple devices. So of course when they have that one hit they’re going to milk it for all it’s worth.

As we always shoot from the hip at TDG with due diligence we’ll say this; the words Angry Birds, because of the phenomenon are two of our best Key Words this year and we report just about everything Angry Birds. It’s a fun little game right?

At the Game Developer’s Conference Rovio Mobile’s Mighty Ego Peter Vesterbacka asked Glu Mobile’s VP of Marketing Michael Breslin how many Android download’s Glu Mobile had. At that time Breslin replied about 1 million the last month. Of course Vesterbacka replied that Rovio had done 30 million. Yes 30 million is an impressive number but here’s what TDG wants to know along with the rest of the world… Where’s your next game?

Are we really going to ride Angy Birds out for years and years and years? Should I go ahead and pre-write the piece on Angry Birds April Fools Day, Angry Birds Mothers Day, Angry Birds Fathers Day, and the Red White and Blue Version, Angry Birds 4th of July.

We’re beginning to wonder if this isn’t a finnish way of doing business, get one hit, one idea and then beat it down til the consumer can’t take it anymore, kind of sounds like what happened to other Finnish company Nokia here in the states.

Are you guys even working on more games? Everyone wants to know, really.. or are you taking a cue from the Cupretino playbook one product and just tweak it every year. If that’s the case my 3 year old introduced me to the fact that Crayola crayons come in 120 colors now, most of them pastel, maybe you can use that as a guide for the new bird characters in the next 20 holiday editions.

Being Jewish I’ve got a great idea too, how about Angry Birds High Holidays, birds with yamulke’s that drop matzah balls and gefilte fish on the pigs after all the pigs aren’t kosher.. of course the game wouldn’t work from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur

Now that’s an idea…

And Bing on Angry Birds for Android don’t even get me started. Only time will tell if Rovio can produce another smash hit but for now you’re filed with the Question Mark and The Mysterious, Wheatus, Baltimora’s and Tony Basils of the world.

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