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And Then There Were Three: T-Mobile USA CEO Phillip Humm Drops Out Of Jim Cramer Panel


Earlier today when the news started to break about AT&Ts purchase of T-Mobile USA, the fine folks who do PR T-Mobile rushed to prevent panic from their customers. A few hours ago they posted a Q&A for customers basically reassuring them that for now at least, it was business as usual.

Well here in Orlando that isnt the same message.  CTIA Mobile Life 11 was to kick off with a great panel of all 4 CEOs; Dan Mead from Verizon Wireless, Dan Hesse from Sprint, Ralp De La Vega from AT&T and T-Mobile’s Phillip Humm, moderated by Jim Cramer.  Its been reported that Phillip Humm has pulled out due to “excessive work load”.  Funny we thought AT&T had to do all the work now.

The other three are still slated to be on the panel and the ultimate steel cage referee, Jim Cramer is still on board.

The decision for Humm to not appear on the panel is most likely in T-Mobile and parent Deutsche Telekom’s best interest as it certainly looks like Humm’s sole purpose was to find a suitor for T-Mobile USA.

Although we were quick to debunk the rumor, two weeks ago it was reported that Sprint was jn acquisition talks with little magenta for less than half of the $39 billion that AT&T is paying.

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