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Amazon App Store turns on its Try it now button

Thats right Google you really have some catching up to do. Amazon which launched its Android Application market less then a week ago is now throwing another blow in the app store battle. The Amazon Apps Store has  enabled there “Test Drive Now” button which as the name suggest lets you try the application before you buy it, which is great with the 15 minute refund window.

This is something major in my opinion as you are not able to refund anything in their market after 15 minuts, so this lets you try it out first on their website and then buy it. In this “trial” you have 30 minutes to play the game, or test the app before it expires which is longer then Google currently gives users and less cumbersome. As of now this is only enabled for certain apps, however there’s no word that they’ll keep it that way and not enable it for all which will take some time to do.

Amazon, is trying to show that not only can it keep up and provide users another alternative, but honestly, they are pushing Google and trying to  provide the users the best way to find and get apps onto your phone.

The user interface is quit easy to muster. You use your mouse instead of a touch screen. Move your mouse  around to control things like direction in a game and then use left click is acting as if you pressing on the screen. There is also a way to rotate the phone with a button in the lower left. The one I tried which was Diner Dash was extremely easy to use with the try it funcionality, however games that require multi-touh will  be interesting to see. This also looks like its flash based so sorry iPhone and iPad users need not apply.

Google the next move is yours to see how you respond to this left hook.

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company.

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