A Message To Our Awesome Followers

Thanks for following Thedroidguy on twitter. You know we do things with a twist here. Unlike other tech sites, who are a blog with a twitter we are/were a twitter with a blog.

Thedroidguy was created in the fall of 08 under another name, more personal to thedroidguy. On March 9, 2009 (8 months before the Verizon Droid was even announced) Thedroidguy transitioned to thedroidguy username on twitter. So our 2 year anniversary as “Thedroidguy” is next week. Wow. It’s been a great two years and we’re going to keep on rocking. We are sorry for all the retweets but everyone knows why and if you don’t click here.

Last year some of you may remember we went a little nuts with prizes on our 1 year anniversary as “Thedroidguy” This year, if you haven’t noticed we are going to hit a milestone on twitter and 2 years pretty darn close to each other.

There are tech sites that have twitter accounts with more followers than we do, we know this, however we have an engagement level measured by several analytic tools much higher than most of those tech sites.

So in honor of our 50,000th follower and our two year anniversary we have teamed up with some great sponsors to bring you some awesome prizes and fun that will all start very very soon. So please stay tuned and thank you for following.

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