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Words With Friends Coming To Android

Zynga is porting over their smash hit “Words With Friends” from IOS to Android later this month.  Zynga bought “Words With Friends” developer New Toy Inc, last December and, until now, has been mum on the plan for the addictive spelling game.

Zynga said that the port would be complete this month and that it would be available in an ad supported free version.  They will also have a premium version without ads available as well.  “Words With Friends” will be cross platform so you can do battle with  your friends whether they are on Android or iPhone.  The game will also include push notifications which will alert players when it’s their turn, thus maximizing your time!

Zynga has already ported over their popular Poker game however there hasnt been any kind of announcement in regards to their franchise “Ville” titles including FarmVille, YoVille and CityVille.

Source: PC World

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