WIN! Girl Scouts Can Take Your Credit Card Payment With Android

You know the scenario, you just came out of Walmart and you have this insane attraction to the table of Girl Scouts, no not for the girls (what are you a perv?) for the Samoas, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, and countless other mouth watering Girl Scout cookies. Then you think, CRAP I DONT HAVE ANY CASH.

Sure the Girl Scouts will take a check but who wants to write a check for $5.00 for two boxes? Now with the power of Android and an app the Girl Scouts can use called GoPayment, they can take your credit or debit card! WIN!

To celebrate the 99th anniversary of Girl Scouts Intuit has empowered the future women leaders of tomorrow with the ability to take payments via credit card through their GoPayment mobile app. Intuit has also provided the young ladies with free credit card readers and reduced transaction fees.

“We’re glad to put the latest mobile technology in the hands of America’s future business leaders to help them increase cookie sales” said Chris Hylen, Vice President and General Manager of Intuit’s payment solutions division.

In addition to helping the countless American cookie lovers with their Walmart parking lot purchases the Girl Scouts of America are excited that they can now take credit cards for donations for their “Sweet Appreciation” program. This program allows people to pay for bundles of Girl Scout cookies to be shipped to American troops overseas.

If you’re an Android loving Girl Scout parent and your troop isn’t using GoPayment you can call 1-800-871-3334 for more information. And yes GoPayment is available on IOS and Blackberry as well, but this is an Android site 🙂

Source: Intuit via Businesswire

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  1. Now the Square’s app is available on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as some Android phones,Girl Scout troops, and garage sale operators from taking credit cards in the first place.

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