WIlson Electronics Sleek Survives Ultimate Road Test

We recently drove from coast to coast to attend CES. Why drive? Because you can take more stuff there and bring even more back when you drive. Also if you didn’t know, can fare in Las Vegas is crazy expensive and more hotel parking is FREE!.  So we drove from Georgia to Las Vegas in 3 days there and about 9 back with the Wilson Sleek in tow.

The Wilson Sleek is a portable cell phone booster available at Best Buy, Amazon and other places you’d find electronics.  The sleek includes a magnetic mini antenna for your roof, a mini usb cord, power cord and adjustable cradle. The cradle is actually the easiest to use out of devices like this, it doesn’t require special adapters it adjusts to fit your phone.

The antenna is about half the size of an old school cell antenna and is easily routed to your roof through the door.

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On the drive across the country we used the Sleek with a phone from each carrier; T-Mobile Optimus T, Motorola Droid Pro (Verizon), Sprint Evo 4G (Sprint) and a Samsung Captivate on AT&T.  Most of the way though we used T-Mobile.

Most of the drive we drove on I40 through long desert strips and mountains.  During the journey when every other phone in the car lost service the phone in the Sleek was usually still going strong.  For the most part we averaged an increase of signal strength of -25dBm (which is huge) on just about every device.  When we lost signal on T-Mobile we could usually find a Sprint tower to bounce off of.

Now we know from the previous year of driving a similar route, that through most of the journey through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona we had shotty cell service. This year with the Sleek it made a HUGE improvement.

Wilson is quick to point out that they can’t make signal out of thin air and that holds true in certain areas in the mountains but other than that the Wilson Sleek kept us going the whole way.  The only thing that may have performed better in some of those areas would have been a satellite phone…

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