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Where’s The Beef Verizon? iPhone 4 Producing Light Foot Traffic.

This morning after getting going I headed over to to read the piece by fellow Android enthusiast and general tech blogger Russell Holly.  Holly had ventured out to the Timonium Verizon Wireless store (a north Baltimore affluent suburb) and found less than dismal crowds for the 7am open.  Suprised that he had gone to that particular store I called some contacts at Columbia Maryland (a very highly affluent suburb right between DC and Baltimore) and White Marsh, one of the heavier stores in the Baltimore region.  All of them had less than anticipated lines for the iPhone 4.  Conversely all of those same stores had lines relative in size if not bigger for the Droid X launch, the Columbia store had over 150 people in lined at midnight the day the Droid X launched.

Right now iPhone fanboys are reading this and preparing emails to us with links to how Verizon sold out of pre-orders in 2 hours or 3 hours or sold 50 bajillion iphones on the interwebs.  We won’t know until they publish results which will look like this

“Verizon sets record breaking sales day for iPhone 4”

“Verizon has great opening day”

but we expect that none of them will say how many devices actually sold. They never do.

Analysts are still bullish on Verizon and the iPhone 4. Some have predicted it will sell over 1 million units this week alone. Highly unlikely.  There are many reasons that the iPhone 4 3G won’t do as well as anticipated but now the panic has subsided right?

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PC World raised the best point ever that we hadn’t previously thought about and that is, going from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4 just doesn’t make sense unless you’re in San Francisco or New York right? To this point we have to take into consideration other handsets that were released on multiple carriers like several Blackberry models.  When the handsets were released on multiple carriers simultaneously it’s much more believable that a customer may not be satisfied with their initial carrier purchase and use their 14 day exchange period to switch carriers, but its not likely they are going to reinvest for something they already have.

We at thedroidguy are curius as to where those 44% of Android users who were going to flock to the iPhone 4 today are? Wait maybe they are waiting to get off work.  Verizon Wireless has some of the best Android handsets available in the HTC Droid Incredible, the Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro and original Droid. Verizon also has their first 4G LTE handset coming out very soon and it’s an Android as well, the HTC Thunderbolt.

Holly pointed out that Verizon was giving away pens that said 4G LTE to those getting iPhone 4’s at Verizon stores today.  However the iPhone 4 on Verizon doesn’t run on their 4G LTE network it’s on Verizon’s CDMA 3G network. On Verizon’s CDMA network the iPhone 4 isn’t capable of performing voice calls and data usage at the same time. And although it’s only a few seconds there is a lag between the time you hang up a call on Verizon’s 3G network and the time you can resume a data operation.

So to those predicting imminent demise for Android when the iPhone 4 was released on Verizon, Where’s the beef?


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