What If We Yelled Froyo In A Crowded Movie Theater?

According to Androidcentral.com from very reliable Samsung sources the people at Samsung are sporting the official EA-17 buld of Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G and it’s ready to go.  If all goes according to plan, which to date it hasn’t, than Sprint Samsung Epic 4G’s will see an over the air Froyo update on February 21st 2011.  This update will roll out in stages and as with every update we will be watching the twitters to see who is reporting that they’ve received it and who hasn’t. We will also be checking our Samsung Epic 4G in the process. We pinged two of our sources at Samsung and one of them told us off the record that Androidcentral is definitely “onto something”.

To expland this even further Androidcentral is suggesting that Verizon Fascinate owners keep their calendars clear for February 22nd, they could see some Froyo love then. If both of these updates hold true the only phone we haven’t heard about is the Samsung Captivate and it’s Froyo update. We hope we hear soon as Samsung does have the Infuse releasing soon on AT&Ts 4G and that will be a beast of a phone.

Source: Androidcentral and Samsung

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  1. lol.. Carmelo to the Lakers or Froyo to your galaxy s.. Which one is more true?.. Haha it’s a trick question, NEITHER are happening 🙂

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