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Verizon Pulls Thunderbolt Ads Down

Verizon loves to put their ads up on their youtube channel, a little bit before a release. Some of the Xoom ads appeared before Thursday and the Thunderbolt ads have been live for a little while, until now.

It seems that Verizon has pulled both the English and Spanish versions of the ad for the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt is supposed to be Verizon’s first 4G LTE phone. The HTC Thunderbolt is currently in it’s 6th rumored delay. It was reported late Friday that battery and signal problems were the cause of the delays.

Mobile Tech website speculates that Verizon maybe trying to calm down the hype for the HTC Thunderbolt by pulling the videos down.

At press time a youtuber has posted a copy of the Verizon Thunderbolt ad but there’s a good chance it will be pulled down.

The latest rumor is March 10th however the source doesn’t seem very credible.

Here’s the video but it may get pulled down:

The source link has a bunch of screen lifts of the commercial just in case it gets pulled and here are some that we took

Source: Gottabemobile

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