Up And Coming R&B Artist, Derty Harry, Uses Android As Part Of His Grass Roots Promotions

Derty Harry, an up and coming R&B musician hailing from Chicago IL knows the value of the internet. On top of the usual myspace, twitter, facebook, reverb nation and all the other online places to promote his music, Derty Harry has embraced the power of Android.

Sure it’s one thing for a platinum selling artist like T-Pain to use mobile apps, but more and more artists are embracing Android.  It seems that more and more up and coming artists are turning to Android because it reaches more segments of the population. There is an Android phone in every price range, with just about every carrier, post paid and prepaid.

Derty (as he is known around Chicago) has been recording professionally for two years however he’s had the music bug all his life. He’s been singing, writing and rapping for several years.  He’s been praised by local Chicago radio stations including Chicago’s main hip hop and r&b station Power 92 who’s Shawn Knight said “Derty Harry is the future of Chicago R&B…” Quite a compliment considering Chicago’s R&B superstar is R. Kelly.

We caught up with Derty on the internet after seeing him tweet out information about his Android app.

Read the interview after the break

TDG: How long have you been a musician, tell us some of your backgrond?

Derty Harry: I’ve been singing seriously nearly two years…I’m a
singer/writer/rapper hailing from the south side of Chicago. My first
single Bad Habits broke 200 spins on Chicago radio, I have been
featured on the #1 Hip Hop Website in the country www.allhiphop.com 3
x and featured in Hip Hop Weekly (National Magazine). My current
single Crybaby was produced by Grammy Nominated producers Da Internz
and Def Jam Recording Artist Jeremih and has been played in a variety
of markets including Chicago, STL, Kansas, ATL and even London/UK.

TDG: Wow it’s great to hear you’re getting exposure worldwide how can our readers hear some of your music?

Derty Harry: I am dropping my mixtape this coming May and it will be available
online and via my Android Phone App….my current singles can be found
online just google Derty Harry or you can download my APP and check
music, pics and tour dates.

TDG: There are hundreds of places online for musicians to market themselves, we know you’re part of the big ones like reverbnation, myspace, facebook and twitter, what made you decide to do an Android app?

Derty Harry: I am big on technology and finding cool ways to interact with fans
and potential fans…..the APP gives me the opportunity to share my
music globally with people that may have other wise never heard it.

TDG: Was it hard to design the Android app? What kind of experience do you have in developing and programming?

Derty Harry: Actually, I didn’t do any of the designing …the great team at
Music Tapp was instrumental in creating a user friendly app that would
serve as a great promotional tool….and I genuinely appreciate all
there hard work!

TDG: How many downloads have you had?

Derty Harry: I don’t have the exact number but since the launch we have hit
nearly a thousand….and the numbers continue to grown daily.

TDG: What are some of the features in your app?

Derty Harry: Fans get a first hand preview of my music…including some new
features, yet to be released. You can check out pics, bio, tour
dates, twitter..and promotional contest opportunities…It’s pretty cool!

TDG: Would you say the Android app is working for you?

Derty Harry: Ohhh definitely, it has been huge in connecting me directly with
fans…and giving them the opportunity to check out my music at NO
COST to them….I think its a great promo tool.

Check out Derty Harry on Reverbnation, Myspace and Youtube

Support up and coming artists download Derty Harry’s App here

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