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Twitter for Android 2.0

Slowly but surely, Twitter is improving their Android app. I reviewed Twitter’s Android app when it was first released. A few months ago, they updated the app giving it a fresh UI including pull to refresh and the swipe-to-reply feature. These were all awesome features but the Twitter for Android app was far from perfect. The swipe to refresh was a little laggy and the whole app was running a bit behind. However, Twitter has just updated their Android app again, and it is smoother than ever.


They took to the web site’s new mobile design my making the color scheme have a lot more black to it. That floating bird got pretty annoying on their last release, and this app looks much better. The layout has changed as well.

At the top there is a row of icons to tap: tweets, mentions, direct messages, and a list of other things. They included a slew of new features to this release as well including quote tweet (old-style RT) and the ability to edit your profile and your avatar. Also when composing a tweet, it now auto-completes the names for you. At the top right corner is the search and compose tweet icons. One of the things I like about this app is that it is the first release that feels like Twitter developed an Android app not just an iPhone clone that doesn’t get the job done. The swipe-to-reveal feature is improved, and so has the release-to-refresh feature. Drastically. In the last release the release-to-refresh feature was laggy and slow. Now it is as smooth as can be. It is the flipping arrow like on the iPhone app, but this feels like more of a Twitter thing not an iPhone thing.


The iPhone’s app has been better than Android’s for quite some time, but now it isn’t, and for this I am pleased. Android and iPhone’s Twitter apps do share some like characteristics, but they do not feel like Twitter just did a crappy port of the iPhone app on this one. They took some time, and it has paid off. Some things could still be improved. It could be more feature rich but version 2.0 is a drastic improvement.  It is fast, sleek, and pretty. Less lag and better looks make a much better Twitter experience for the company itself.

I am so happy to see a very smooth, pretty app come to Android from a social network. It shows other developers that there is a new gold standard in smoothness and speed. This app performs very well. It is a step-up. Apps adding features but becoming slower because of them, or the features not working properly should not happen (FACEBOOK), and Twitter has proved this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is the best Twitter client out there and that everyone should switch right now. I am saying its about time company’s start realizing Android’s growth and potential, and giving it the app support it deserves. Companies that develop “crapps” for Android and have masterpieces on iPhone make me furious, and I am very happy to see this change coming about. How about this gift from Twitter on Verizon’s iPhone launch day? Resistance is futile. 😉

about the writer: Elijah Ketchum is a 16 year old sophomore in High School in Cincinnati OH. His Android experience started with the Motorola Droid. He enjoys everything about Android and convincing his iPhone fan boy classmates to switch. He recently convinced his father, a long term Blackberry user to switch to a Motorola Droid X. Like Elijah’s writing? Have questions? email and follow him on Twitter @ElijahIsMe

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