This just in… MORE FRAGMENTATION, but look who’s it from

Yes, that nasty F word is back. But before you go screaming its Android makers fault and not Google look who’s causing it this time… Apple.

Thats right, that company who loves to go in press conferences bashing Google’s  Android Operating System  for causing fragmentation for its users is now doing it to its own. Wait, why isn’t there any major press about it from the likes of Engadget, TechCrunch or the sort? There was a total of 2 articles about this from BOTH. Not the 100’s they try and run with Android.

Case in point the company TeleNav who does navigation is now having to write two different codes for the same phone. Two different Applications for the same thing however you are unable to install the ATT one on the Verizon’s iPhone for reasons they are not letting anyone know. However it seems to come down to the fact that there is a difference between how they use the GSM version compared to the CDMA one.

Google DOESN’T have any issue with this as they release the very same application Google Maps in the market and both GSM(T-Mobile/ATT) users can download along side with CDMA(Verizon/Sprint) users with out having to tell one customer you can’t download this while other users can. It gets better… ATT users you get to pony up $9.99 a month or $69.99 a year up front. Now here is the fun part… Verizon users get to pay a blistering $2.99 a month or $21.99 upfront for the whole year. So not only are they now having to make application fragmentation but they are now doing it with price too. Android market charges one price no matter what device you are on.

However not only is there proof that there will be MAJOR Application fragmentation for the SAME application but also price. I agree there are issues with how manufacturers hold updates back to gain more sales on Android however I’ve never heard, seen, or smelled developers saying because you are on GSM I’ll charge you one price but those using CDMA another price.

Imagine if that was to happen how quick EVERY single news outlet would be up in arms about it, yet it gets ignored because its on the one company that has put money to help back all the blog sites to keep quiet about things like this. Great job Apple, not only did you cause fragmentation but you did it on a scale Android couldn’t have even done it on if they’ve tried. We have 1 market 1 standard.

Source: ZDnet iTunes TeleNav

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development compan

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  1. Also if you think I copy/pasted why is it that the only thing thats the same is where it states what the issue is not the REST of the story. So yes. I loosely copied 1 sentence and wrote the whole article my self. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to just come up with this off the top of my head and just write lies my self like other “news” sites do.

    I also like where in that story it mentions the difference in price and how they changed it based on which carrier it has… Oh thats right you can’t but I just copy/pasted right?

  2. Sorry I don’t copy/paste i write everything my self. 2. look at the story and the sources they ALL had it saying that there was an issue. ALSO you might want to see when things where written as the update happened AFTER I wrote this thus ALL the facts I stated where and still ARE true.

  3. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, no App will access the GPS directly but will interact with it through APIs so the GPS chip differences, even if they do exist, would be abstracted from a developers perspective.

  4. Why would a different GPS chip affect an “app”? The OS should take care of the interactions with the GPS chip and the app should keep using the same top level APIs exposed by the OS.

  5. the reason for the Telenav thing is the different GPS chip. They’re using an onboard for the Verizon which is smarter and also full of lulz. It makes sense, just too funny for the saps that MUSTBUYAPPLE and spend too much to admit the shortcomings

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