The Latest HTC Thunderbolt Rumor: Battery Life

Engadget is reporting on good sources that the problems with the HTC Thunderbolt delay are stemming from bad battery life.  When all delays are considered the HTC Thunderbolt is on it’s 6th delay to release at retail.

Although the Merge was never formally announced until today, that device first leaked back in August when and simultaneously leaked the first photos of the merge on August 5th. Just as an aside that is 6 months waiting on that device. The merge was even featured in a full double page spread ad for HTC in Entrepreneur magazine.

While we aren’t suggesting the HTC Thunderbolt will be delayed 6 months, the continued delays are hindering the belief in what seems like an awesome device.

According to Engadget’s sources the current battery is getting 2-3 hours at best with the 4G LTE radio on.  Our Verizon ninjas have told us repeatedly about problems stemming from the handoff from 3G to LTE and back. Another one of Engadget’s tipsters told Engadget that there’s a new firmware in the works to handle signal issues and battery life which are related.

Source: Engadget
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