Texas Instruments Introudce New Me-D Experiences

Although both had a presence at CES, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm were mum on big announcements this year, instead waiting for Mobile World Congress to make any big 2011 announcements.  Texas Instruments has done it again.

A lot of Android enthusiasts think Snap Dragon, Hummingbird and Tegra 2 when thinking processors, however if youre one of the millions of people with a Motorola branded Droid device than you know the name OMAP, Texas Instruments is now building on that.

Today at Mobile World Congress Texas Instruments has unveiled Me-D experiences.  We aren’t talking about just some crafty marketing scheme to sell 3D either.  Me-D experiences offer the users an unparalleled experience.  These include, touchless gesturing in a natural dimension, stereoscopic 3d in the third dimension and interactive projection in the projected dimension.

So what is this all exactly? Texas Instruments is going ahead of the curve for the next couple of years.  The total Me-D experience covers gestural interfaces, glassless 3d hd video and a unique combination of unparalleled processing speed and Texas Instruments pico technology to provide all encompassing projected environments.

One of the coolest parts of this is the gesture interface.  Texas Instruments has partnered with a company called Extreme Reality where they use a low res camera to detect movement, like moving a cursor with your finger in mid air.

Source: Texas Instruments at MWC

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