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TDG Live: Samsung Unpacked Event

6:45PM Getting ready to start

6:48PM Don’t tell anyone we’re using AT&T International on an inspire 4G

6:58pm Samsung going all out with their soldiers now an orchestra

6:59PM wifi is almost nonexistent going back to Vodafone thanks Ricky

7:01PM Orchestra on stage video playing everyone welcomed

7:02PM: Kim Titus on stage looking epic as usual

7:02PM 5 Galaxy S Users who sent letters are here tonight

7:06 My Man JK Shin on stage

7:06PM Shin remarking about smartphone growth in 2010

7:07pm Shin: In 2010 we sold about 25 million smartphones and tablets.  #1 Android smartphone manufacturers in the world. Shin Appreciates Galaxy S users. Grateful to media and analysts

7:08PM: Shin: 2011 will be the year of the Smart Mobile Devices.  Devices to enrich their mobile experiences even more. Tablets, Smartphones and as many devices as you can imagine

7:09PM Editorial note: Shin now says Galaxy Tab correctly 😉

7:11PM Here it is Samsung Galaxy S 2

7:14pm 4 Hubs including enhanced Social Hub

7:15PM Kim Titus back onstage introduced: Thomas Richter and Andrew Coughlin

7:16PM Thomas Richter, this year we are doing more with less.

7:18PM  Samsung Galaxy S2 batttery 1650mah

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