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TDG Live: HTC Press Conference #MWC11

In case you missed HTC’s press conference because you were sleeping back home in the states here is our liveblog coverage. All times are local to Barcelona (CET) To read about the HTC Flyer Click Here and for the Two Facebook Devices Click Here

11:03AM Peter Chou back onstage to wrap up

11:02AM CEO of Qualcomm on stage

10:57AM Vodafone on stage

10:55AM Incredible S End of March, Desire S, Wildfire S, Cha-Cha and Salsa and HTC Flyer will be available in the 2nd quarter

10:54AM HTC is about to announce availability

10:53AM CEO of On Live is doing a demo of On Live on the HTC Flyer

10:46AM CEO of Onlive is onstage Cloud Gaming

10:43AM HTC Watch is a high performance video on demand service

10:42AM HTC Flyer has a video chat and a photo booth app.

10:41AM HTC Timewarp allows an audio recording to accompany a note

10:40AM HTC Scribe magical

10:38AM Peter Turns at back over to wang again did anyone realize it’s Wang Chou show, everybody have fun this morning

10:37AM Peter Chou presents the HTC Flyer

10:34AM tablets are not large phones, HTC wants to do it right, They started HTC Sense for tablets from scratch not just scaled it up.

10:33AM “New Exciting Category, of course I am talking about tablet”-Peter Chou

10:33AM oh wait Peter Chou is pulling out a Kim Titus here we go

10:33AM Love the way Wang says Cha-Cha and Salsa.. and the show is over.. what about the flyer

10:31AM Facebook Vice President on stage now

10:29AM For a rundown of the Facebook button see our story at


Much more after the break

10:25AM Zuck: This year you can expect many phones to have more Facebook integration. HTC is building “deep social integration”

10:24AM HTC has been working behind the scenes with Facebook and Social Media

10:24AM People 18-24 check Facebook on their smartphones the moment they open their eyes in the morning

10:23AM now we’re talking Facebook 500 million users 200 million check their Facebook on their phones

10:23AM HTC Incredible S icons rotate with portrait to landscape rotation

10:19AM HTC Incredible S just announced

10:18AM HTC Wildfire S designed for mass market appeal. “It feels good in your hand” Display Super LCD twice as many pixels as it’s predeccesors with a “Stunning” display, Elegant, Sophisticated and Playful.

10:17AM HTC Desire S 1.2ghz processor

10:17AM HTC has integrated video chat.

10:17AM HTC Desire S casing is one piece of aluminum.  HD Video Recording.

10:16AM We are back. HTC had a little technical difficulty with A/V lighting looks great though

10:13AM HTC Desire S

10:12AM HTC Desire S is introduced

10:12AM Video not working.

10:08AM they are going to announce the HTC Salsa and ChaCha in a few the story is already up on

10:08AM HTC Chief Marketing Officer on stage talking about HTC Sense

10:07AM: This is the broadest line up of phones we have ever announced at one time -Peter Chou

10:06AM This week we are shipping HTC Thunderbolt

10:03AM New Versions of HTC Sense, version for Super Smart Phones, Landscape, and Better resolution

10:02AM Smartphones should outsell feature phones by end of this year -Peter Chou “Nice to have has turned into must have”

10:01AM They aim to make HTC Sense the best User experience in the industry

10:00aM Peter “The Man” Chou is on stage welcoming everyone

9:54AM If they come out playing instruments on Nexus Ones im going back to bed

9:53AM I’m going to say what everyone else is thinking it’s like they went to unpacked the other night and then set the stage

9:50AM Pretty music and pretty lights

9:47AM lets roll

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