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TDG Live: Google’s Eric Schmidt Keynote #mwc11-

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All times are CET/Barcelona time

6:51PM Schmidt thanks everyone

6:51PM “with your permission” gives the user choice

6:50PM “we are not trying to violate peoples privacy”

6:50PM David Goldman CNN Money asks Schmidt about privacy

6:50PM Last Question next

6:49PM Eric Schmidt: “Chrome OS can’t get a virus”

6:48PM <editorial> not too sure why there was no picture taking

6:46PM We have not yet come up with the “killer ed app”

6:44PM Schmidt: We are very very proud of Wael and that group were able to do an Egypt: They were able to use Facebook and twitter. Schmidt has talked to Wael Ghonim and expressed his gratitude

6:43PM Question about Nokia: Schmidt: we would like them to consider Android in the future

6:42PM Facebook is an addative and Facebook users use Google more. Facebook

6:42PM Our main competitor today is Microsoft.. made joke about stealing results

6:42PM: Do you believe Facebook is your main competitor

6:41PM Schmidt just addressed his medical comments basic understanding is a detailed medalert bracelet with your histories and diagnosis at your fingertips

6:39PM Eric seems really upbeat throughout today.. This is a little different then previous times anyone else agree

6:36PM question about Ipv6

6:35PM Leanback system of youtube which if you tell it who your friends are it will suggest more videos for you. Making it more social

6:34PM “Ive been very impressed with the monetization of the apps in the Apple ecosystem” -Eric Schmidt

6:33PM “We work as a triumvrate”

6:33PM Larry told Eric “You get to fly more”

6:33PM: Question about WAC and “Do you think larry should be here instead of you”

6:32PM: The next release of Android will be “I” and combine the releases of Gingerbread and Honeycomb

6:31PM: Question: When will we see devices for Chrome OS

6:28PM: Schmidt replied: We like Twitter I like to tweet

6:27PM: Journalist just asked Eric about Twitter rumor

6:26pm Schmidt just said Larry thinks we should offer something called Google Bucks and Schmidt said this probably won’t happen now talking security of NFC

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6:26PM Gingerbread should be to everyone in the next month or two

6:25PM: Answer: under the terms of our lisenses and Open Handset Alliance we have an agreement/ The real way this is kept together is in the APp store.

6:24PM: Question regarding Android asking about fragmentation

6:23PM Schmidt: People advertise to get revenue, not because it’s fun.  ROI based ads are the ones that customers see first.

6:22PM Schmidt Answers: Australian is leading the way with fiber. Now answering question about ads, taking the creativity of tv ads and putting them on the mobile device. Again emphasizing privacy and privacy rights.

6:22PM Q&A Time Australian guy asking about advertising

6:20PM Schmidt just said we love Britney Spears he needs to use Google and update that 😉

6:19PM Cars should drive themselves, its coming. Schmidt said decades not a year but its coming.

6:18PM Computer can give you a priority list of what you should be doing. Never lonely theres always people around you

6:16PM Schmidt said he was never lost.. what about DC

6:16PM Schmidt: Google can remember your information if you give it permission

6:08PM Eric Schmidt talks about search and keeps saying “with your permission”

6:07PM: Gil says “you should trust me” Schmidt says ” you should just trust a Google engineer”

6:07PM Google having wifi problems in keynote but no Steve Jobs tantrums

6:04PM Gil showing off Movie Studio on tablet

6:01PM Time for a video


5:59PM Schmidt talking about managing health on your phone

5:58pm: What about a serendipity platform

5:57PM Schmidt: Talking about the cloud and the service and Google’s massive data storage

5:55pm Schmidt: Smartphones passed pc sales on a quarterly basis last week

5:54pm Schmidt just said his Nexus S is this months flavor

5:53PM 3 underlying technology 1 mega pixel, 1 mega hertz

5:52PM Schmidt talking about technology and the preference of mobile networks: A music player thats not online isnt really interesting

5:51PM: Schmidt on stage

Here we go

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