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TDG Live From The Samsung Unpacked Event #mwc11

8:02PM Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 announced

8:01PM Kim Titus faked technical difficulties
8:00PM Kim Titus back onstage

7:57pm: Sybase guy onstage

7:52PM: Cisco is announcing the next generation hotspot solution tomorrow at MWC

7:49PM Ray Smets announced the official launch of the Cisco Webex and Cisco Mobile apps optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2

7:49PM: Ray Smets from Cisco is on stage now

7:48PM supports Cisco web ex and Cisco mobil is a wifi calling solution

7:47PM Andrew going over security and encryption

7:44PM Samsung calls it “Meaningful Evolution”

7:43pm Game hub has premium and social games all optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S2

7:42PM Music Hub 10million songs 32 different countries, songs, artists, lyrics, bass enhancement and 5.1 channel

7:42PM: dual core processing 3.2gigapixels per second. Special qualities only developed for the Galaxy S 2

7:40PM Wondering when they are going to do Galaxy Tab 2

7:39PM Samsung Galaxy S2 will feature a Google translation widget

7:38PM the voice command sound like Sylvie Barak

7:36PM Samsung has partnered with Vlingo to make voice commander even more effective on the Samsung Galaxy S 2

7:35PM I think a viewsonic Lorikeet was just on the “Amy from England” video

7:33PM Not earth shattering but Samsung Galaxy S2 has a “lost phone management phone feature” Remote lock, text on the display. Can make phone ring and track location and limit the numbers that can be called from the number.  When the SIM card is replaced a notification will be sent to a txt message number of your choice

7:32PM Samsung Kies 2.0 is an upgrade from 1.5 and available to everyone.  Now you can sync your s2 and pc over the air
7:31PM: 8megapixel camera with LED Flash

7:30pm: Andrew Coughlin on stage now talking about display, and video

7:30PM Ok the kitty cat video was a little… um lame

7:28PM Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available with NFC or without

7:28PM Thomas Richter reveals the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have NFC

7:26PM: David Wadhawani with Adobe onstage now

7:24PM: Thomas Richter talking about the various hubs and how Cassandra can use them to help her “Fashion Magazine” business

7:22PM: 4.3″ display

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TDG Live: Samsung Unpacked Event

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