TDG Introduces Free Press Fridays!

Starting this Friday we are going to unveil a new community based feature here at The Droid Guy (TDG).

Community developers and community members without big PR budgets can email their own press releases, or bullet points to [email protected] by Thursday at 11:00PM eastern time for coverage on and our twitter feed.

Examples of community member pieces:
– The story we did on
– The story we did about coding green robots
– The story we did on Pong For Hope
– Stories on independent app developers
– The story we did on Brent Fishman getting into Founders
– try us we’ll let you know if it qualifies

Here are the basic guidelines:

-Submit anytime during the week by emailing [email protected] (the cut off for the current week is 11pm Thursday however we may have to wait until the next week based on the load, also we may spill over into the weekends)

– Try to submit a press release, if you can’t then give as many bullet points as you can. We will rewrite it into a story and may ping you back with questions.

– app developers must send .apk in a SEPARATE email but we need the .apk too. If you’re a paid app and can’t for some reason send the .apk then let us know what to do to refund the payment if we choose. (sometimes we just absorb the payment to help devs out)

– If you are an apparel producer similar to Android Swag, you can submit one press release with a few products. No need to send 5 different stories.

– There is no guaranteed placement. We could run out of space or may need you to tweak something. If we aren’t going to run your story we will at least be big enough to let you know why.

– NO PORN. We won’t do porn apps we just won’t. However we will consider classy adult type apps which we may elect to run with a disclaimer.

– You need to be the creator of the app, thing, rom, wallpaper etc or acting on the creator/owners behalf.

– We reserve the right to run the story on twitter as much or as little as we want

– Got questions email us we will email you back!

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