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T-Mobile Wins Coveted “Service Champion” Award For Fourth Consecutive Time… Valuable Lesson For Other Carrier Store Reps

T-Mobile moved a press release this morning highlighting their achievement as JD Power & Associates “Service Champion” for the fourth consecutive time. This is a great honor for T-Mobile who consistently ranks in the top spots in key customer service metrics.

The “Service Champion” is a semi annual study which measures companies in store experience in 4 key areas:

Staff (49%)
Price and Promotion (27%)
Store Facility (14%)
In Store Display (10%)

Those key areas explain exactly why before T-Mobile does one of their huge “Free phone” promotions we usually see a leaked memo on saying T-Mobile is beefing up staff (49%) for this great promotion (27%), but T-Mobile can’t give away phones every week. How has T-Mobile received this award 4 times in a row now?

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JD Power & Associates has said that customers who aren’t greeted within the first 2 minutes of entering a retail store are likely to have a score 103 points lower than those that do.  Most T-Mobile locations have little reminders on their POS locations reminding staffers to greet customers. Not a computer or a clipboard.

Customers want to spend the least amount of time in a wireless store as they can.  Except in one important area and that is product knowledge. A customer who receives all of their new device product knowledge in less than one minute averages an overall score of 740 while a customer who receives 5-10 minutes of device education has an average score of 758. The average customer product knowledge time is 6 minutes.

Of course the high pressure environment where the salesperson rushes through any knowledge has a lower score.  During T-Mobile’s recent Valentines promotion I visited two corporate stores in Charlotte before leaving for MWC. Each store had a line of about 8-14 people waiting for the free phone promotion.  What we noticed at these two locations was there were two T-Mobile staffers that seemed assigned to the line. They would go to each customer and ask if they knew what phone they were getting and if they didnt offered them time to explain other phones.

At one of the stores where there was a second spot holder with the customer like a husband, wife or boyfriend, girlfriend, the T-mobile sales person took the customer over and showed them different devices.  At both stores these sales people devoted to the line had pocketfuls of devices and explained features advantages and benefits before the customer reached their actual sales person or the cash queue.

As with their Father’s day promotion activation seemed to be the longest wait time. After nearly two decades of wireless phone sales you’d think the activation process would be revolutionized by now.

T-Mobile doesn’t have a deli counter style computer aided check in system like Verizon (who ranked lowest in the survey) and Sprint (who ranked second). They also don’t put a clipboard in the front and say sign in here like a lobby of a large office building like AT&T (who ranked third). Who knows what the economic climate will dictate but T-Mobile greets their customers with good ole fashioned smiles and their employees are actually trained to do this one crazy thing that works every time.. Listen.

I am sure there are people who are about to hit comment and slam T-mobile, if you do please say what State, City and store and help get that one fixed. Heck even if it’s not a T-Mobile store add it to the comments

Source: JD Power & Associates

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