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Survey Reveals Almost Half Of Mobile Ad Clicks Are Accidental

In a study commissioned by Pontiflex and performed by media research firm Harris Interactive, it was revealed last week that almost half of the ad clicks in mobile apps are by accident.  Think about how many times you’ve accidently clicked that ad in the bottom right hand corner of Angry Birds for Android just trying to calculate where the bird is going to hit the right most pig.

Zephrin Lasker, co-founder and CEO, Pontiflex, said: “”First, by taking the user out of the app to a clunky browser, clicks make for a disruptive experience. Second, the fact that most people say they click on ads by mistake more often than they do on purpose is particularly striking. If you are a mobile marketer, why would you run a cost-per-click campaign?”

That ads up to a lot of misspent ad dollars for mobile marketers.  At a Mobile Marketing Association event in New York City last summer many marketers talked about the success of the viral video and getting more full fledged video ads onto the onslaught of smartphones coming into the marketplace.

Another touchy subject is keyword targeting within the Mobile App space. Take for instance Angry Birds again, in playing Angry Birds several times we’ve personally seen ads for bird cages, wild bird food centers and birding exhibits.  Ads placed like this aren’t only a point of annoyance for the end user but another case of wasted ad dollars.

Harris interactive did two studies for Pontiflex with a total of 4,000 respondents on all mobile platforms.

Source: Mobile Business Briefing

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