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Sprint’s Industry First Is The Kyocera Echo

Tonight’s New York City launch party for Sprint was for the Kyocera Echo as reported earlier by thedroidguy and other sites.  Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal posted stories last night and this morning respectively saying that their sources confirmed that tonight’s event was going to be this dual screen device.

Once we made it into the venue it was clear that the Echo was the topic of the evening. Everything from the walls to the chairs and other decorations had writing on them that said things like “The definition of dual is” and two are better than one. Slogans that reflected the dual screen idea.

After David Blaine basically ate a fine dining dinner in a fish tank, complete with a glass of red wine, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse came out with a representative of Kyocera, to unveil the Kycera Echo.

The phone is a pretty neat concept. It’s going to run Android 2.2 at launch. Kyocera said they would release the API’s to developers for taking advantage of the dual screen real estate.  Which is great for developers and to bring new ideas to the device but basically means that upgrading to another version of Android is not likely.  It has 2 3.5″ screens that can be used individually or in tandem and has a unique “pivot” bracket that allows you to lock the display in three different positions.

The pivot hinge allows for single screen function. Then you can tilt it up to have one screen used as a keyboard and the other a display or whatever else you’d like to run in two different screens with one tiltted up.  Then the third is a side by side screen that gives the Kyocera Echo it’s 4.7″ “tablet” form.

Both Sprint and Kyocera representatives said that they were aiming to design something that would allow for a larger screen and still fit in a pocket.  Because there are two screens which function both together and separately, Kyocera has supplied 2 1370mah batteries and a charger designed to charge the batteries separately or together.  It features 1 1ghz snap dragon processor and 512mb of ram.  Overall the specs, aside from the dual screen, aren’t all that impressive.

What was impressive was the way you can use the screens in tandem or separately. For the social media junkie this could be a real plus. It basically means you can have facebook running in one screen and twitter in another, or myspace, the web or whatever else you’d like.

Youtube has been adjusted to work on the Echo where one screen shows the video while the other lets you browse through Youtube to see what you want to watch next.

The Kyocera Echo will cost $199 on a two year agreement and be available in the Sprint when everyone else will be bringing out dual core, 4G devices with superior gaming, newer versions of Android and faster processing.  There will also be more bonafide tablets on Sprint and other carriers around the same time.

Are you excited about the Kyocera Echo?

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