Sony Xperia Play Shows Up In Commercial

As MWC creeps closer and closer more and more wireless devices are “leaking” out.  It’s like dejavu to the weeks before CES. This happens every year and this year is no different.

One of the most highly anticipated devices expected to debut at MWC is the Sony Xperia Play. Once dubbed “Zeuss” the Xperia Play combines an Android powered smartphone with mobile gaming device.  Earlier this month at a Sony event they announced the NGP or the next generation of PSP and also a new hub like service that will bring Playstation games to the Android platform.

There’s no doubt with Tegra 2 processors, 3D displays, and Honeycomb this MWC is going to be a mobile gamers dream. The Sony Ericcson Xperia Play adds to that.

The first commercial or teaser video featuring the Xperia Play has shown up on youtube and if it’s a legit video (which it seems to be) than this little beast must be right around the corner.

Watch it

Source: Electronista

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