Sony Ericsson CEO Renews Faith In Android And United States

On Sunday at MWC Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg sat down with CNET’s Marguerite Reardon and talked about their renewed strategy with Android at the forefront as well as the US market.

Sony Ericsson is a partnership between Japanese electronics giant Sony and the Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson.  Back in the 90’s Ericsson actually made phones that were marketed here in the United States under the Ericsson name.  Today Ericsson’s biggest unit makes networking equipment and specializes in the equipment used for Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Nordberg is hopeful that with the success Sony Ericsson has seen in Europe and Asia with their Android devices that the same can happen in the United States.  He says that US carriers and US consumers need to get things first and because their previous Xperia line was released in Europe in Asia when it got to the United States there wasn’t as much consumer interest.  Take into consideration the Xperia line was announced at last years Mobile World Congress and didn’t make it to the US until the late summer.

Sony Ericsson is hoping to become the largest provider of Android devices in the world which is a title currently held by Samsung, the Korean based electronics company.  Samsung sold over 10 million Samsung Galaxy S devices last year across the world. At their press event on Sunday Samsung’s JK Shin said they sold close to 25million Smart devices including smartphones across all platforms and their Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

To kick off these large ambitions Sony is coming out of the gate with several new Xperia line devices and the Sony Xperia Play, the first Playstation certified mobile phone.

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Sony decided to partner with Verizon for the US release of the Xperia Play, and Nordberg admitted it is coming to the United States first as their flagship device in the US Market.  Sony Ericsson did a Superbowl commercial to promote the Xperia play, and although he wouldn’t tell CNET how much they paid for the advertisement Ad Age magazine reported that Superbowl ads were between 2.8-3 million dollars.

Although they previously partnered with AT&T and T-Mobile Nordberg said that Verizon has such a large presence in the United States it was important to be aligned with Verizon.  When asked if it is hard to get in with a US Carrier Nordberg said

“They (U.S. operators) have 23,000 different things you have to do be allowed on their networks. So it’s damn difficult to get in there. There is a lot of coding and special adaptation that needs to be done. And they only accept very good phones in the network. But once you get in, the investment is done.”

Nordberg went onto tell CNET that the connection to Verizon came through the Ericsson part of the business. Ericsson is providing LTE equipment essential to the Verizon 4G/LTE rollout going on right now. According to Nordberg after the initial relationship was launched on the network side they started showing Verizon their portfolio of devices and of course Verizon fell in love with the Xperia Play (Who wouldn’t)

Nordberg clarifies that they do intend to be #1 in the world for Android and answers the big question, what about competing with Motorola and more over at the source piece

Source: CNET


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