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Snoop Dogggg Teams Up With Metro PCS For Launch Of Samsung Indulge

Metro PCS has been known to do some ultra hip marketing and promotions. They are currently in the midst of their “Android For All” promotion utilizing the services of brands like Tapp Out and artists like the Far East Movement (who sing Like a G6) and DJ Khaled.

Now they’ve turned to the Dogg Father, Snoop D-O Quadrulple G  (4G’s get it) to help with marketing the Samsung Indulge, the world’s first commercially available 4G/LTE Android smartphone.

“It feels good to be working with MetroPCS and Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy Indulge. I’m stepping it up to 4G’s so my phone can keep up with my demanding, always-connected lifestyle,” said Mr. Dogggg.

Metro PCS is a regional prepaid carrier which has already lit up some major cities including Las Vegas and New York with their 4G LTE service.  Unlike the big 4 carriers, MetroPCS isn’t going to charge you an arm and a leg to get 4G/LTE service.  Their plans come in at the $50 and $60 range with unlimited talk, text and 4G/LTE web browsing.

Metro PCS has teamed up with Mr. Dogggg (aka Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Calvin Brodus) for the “Indulge With Snoop Dogggg” sweepstakes. The winner will get to meet Snoop Dogggg face to face. The grand prize package is a trip to a Snoop Dogggg concert with VIP treatment, front row tickets, backstage passes, airfare and incidentals and two Samsung Indulge 4G/LTE Android phones. Just go to your nearest MetroPCS store to register there is no purchase necessary.

As for the Indulge, it features Android 2.2 (froyo), slide out qwerty keyboard, 3mp camera, camcorder, and expandable memory. The Samsung Indulge is $399 plus tax. MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier so you own the phone and pay month to month. With Verizon dragging their feet on the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt, the Samsung Indulge on MetroPCS is the first 4G/LTE Android device available in the US.

Source: Metro PCS

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