Shop Savvy Integrates Groupon For More Localized Deals

Our good friends at Big in Japan/Shop Savvy have made big news again as they are now integrating Groupon into their world famous barcode scanner app.

Although there are plenty of apps popping up everyday, ones that have original functionality will trump the others. Shop Savvy is arguably the biggest barcode scanner app within the Android platform.  It actually started on Android and had to be ported to iPhone later.

Shop Savvy was actually the back bone to many other sites and national stores, including Sams Club’s, Black Friday apps.  Shop Savvy has over 50 million product scans per month.  Shop Savvy co-founder Alex Muse told Thedroidguy back in November that they had to beef up their servers specifically for Black Friday, and their still adding more servers every time you turn around.

With this latest announcement Shop Savvy will take a users location, recent product scans and buying trends, all from Shop Savvy data.  So if you’re at Walmart and scanning a futon you won’t get a groupon offer for the Zoo. But you can bet if you scan bowling shoes you’ll probably get a Groupon for bowling.  Likewise you could also get competing offers for online deals or local deals for very similar products.

Shop Savvy already has great local functionality in competition checking however the Groupon component offers more to the end user and is from a brand that is starting to become a household name.

Source: Tech Crunch and TDG

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