Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Breaks Cover.. We’ve Been Waiting Since September

The last time I made it overseas was at the IFA convention where during the Q&A I asked Samsung’s WP Wong about Gingerbread, what we were all treated too in the answer was an interruption from the head of Samsung Telecommunications, JK Shin, telling us not only could we possibly see Gingerbread eventually come to the Original Samsung Galaxy Tab (hold breath) but we’d also see more tablets in a portfolio to come, Honeycomb included.

That time is now as the Samsung Galaxy II press photos are out and the event starts in a few hours that will officially announce the tablet.

As you can see we are looking at a 10″ Honeycomb laiden direct competitor to not just the highly coveted iPad but the Motorola Xoom as well.  To date the tablet we like the best has been the Samsung Galaxy Tab and I personally favor the smaller size. It’s easier as a journalist to use the G-Tab 7″ version in one hand while swyping with the other hand. In fact this post is being written on the 7″ version.

Here are some leaked specs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

10.1″ 1080×800 display
Honeycomb Android 3.0
Dual Surround Sound speakers
8mega pixel camera with full HD Video
2 mega pixel front facing camera

We’ll be liveblogging the Samsung Unpacked Event So stay tuned.

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  1. Finally.. I hope it comes out pretty soon.. I didn’t wanna buy the iPad but the first samsung tab was just too small

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