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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Torn Down And Then Set On Fire (sort of)

The folks at iFixit are great. Monday they tore down the Motorola Atrix and yesterday they moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

The reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G have been so-so. The device is part of the Galaxy S family. The original press release from Samsung said that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G was exclusive to T-Mobile however all the branding at Verizon’s CES booth for the Samsung device also said “Samsung Galaxy S 4G”

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G on T-Mobile comes at an odd time. The Vibrant was the first Galaxy S model released to the United States. Albeit it was  a long time coming, the Vibrant was also the first Galaxy S model in the US to get the upgrade to Froyo via mini-kies.  We also know that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is right around the corner. So again the Samsung Galaxy S 4G comes in the middle and although we are cautiously optimistic for this new phone from Samsung we’re not sure how well it’s going to do.  We do know though that it comes with the movie Incepetion…

Regardless of your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-mobile version) it’s still a Galaxy S and that makes it an upper level phone! Also regardless of your thoughts the folks at iFixit took it apart. Sometimes I wish I could work at iFixit I love taking things apart, but alas they are professional take aparters so they do it.

Read about the teardown and the fire after the break

The first thing they found was that there was a “noticeable gap between the glass front panel and the outer framework” which compromises the display a bit and makes it more vulnerable to breakage. As ifixit says, it won’t be such a problem if a phone didn’t live in the users pocket.

The 3.5mm jack and micro usb are on the top of the phone. Samsung has added its microusb sliding cover that has been on a few of their other devices. Can I tell you what this is really good for? Smokers and people with crumbs in their pockets. Being honest here sometimes little tobacco shavings have gotten into phones and other devices in my pocket. The un-covered micro usb connector is a quick and easy way to get into my phone.

Samsung has featured an easy to lift off backing with easy access to the replaceable battery, SIM card and microSD. Although you need to open the back to get to the microSD you don’t need to replace the battery to change the microSD card. To date all of the Galaxy S batteries have been user replaceable and after market batteries a common find.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G motherboard includes 4GB/512mb of Samsung manufactured mobile DRAM (we thought they saved these things for apple). HSPA+ is provided by an Ericsson THOR HSPA+ modem. It also features an Ericsson single chip GPS. Check out the rest of the teardown here

Now for the fire part…

iFixit had heard the Samsung had started using magnesium for some of it’s frame and structural support over aluminum. Aluminum is the industry standard and cheap however Samsung found a way of using magnesium to make it just as structurally sound and even CHEAPER! To test whether it was magnesium or not though, iFixit needed to shave some of the magnesium off and set it on fire.  If it was truly magnesium there would be intense heat and extremely bright light. And YES! the frame is magnesium.

iFixit game the Galasy S 4G a 6 out of 10 for ease to repair. You should use your warranty or protection to repair the phone and should not attempt any of this at home unless you really know what you’re doing.

Source: iFixit

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