Samsung Galaxy 4G On T-Mobile February 23rd

T-Mobile has notified their followers and friends on their facebook page that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will arrive in T-Mobile retail locations on February 23 for $150 after rebate and on a new 2 year contract. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the first 4G phone on T-Mobile to maximize their 21mbps theoretic download speeds on their HSPA+ network.

In our independent testing T-Mobile’s “regular” HSPA+ was faster than that of rival AT&T in every city we tried including Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore and New York. We can’t wait to see how the Samsung Galaxy S 4G stacks up. If it even gets close to it’s theoretic speed it will be faster than a lot of home lower level cable internet and DSL.

Samsung has made a few changes going from the Vibrant to the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. First off the name, they dropped the word Vibrant, presumably to let the original Vibrant roll out a little longer.  They also added a front facing camera, the new radio for HSPA+ 21 and instead of Avatar the Intercept ships with the hit movie “Inception”

There’s no pre-order page and there haven’t been a lot of leaks on this one it looks like a cut and dry release next Wednesday. Are you going to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S 4G? Mac owners on T-Mobile may want to get it, afterall they are still without Froyo on their original Vibrants.

Source: T-mobile

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