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UPDATED: Planned Leak? Suggests HTC Thunderbolt March 10th?

The above photo arrived in our inbox overnight along with several other tech sites and Android sites.   Anyone that has worked at Best Buy or currently works at Best Buy can attest that the form itself looks genuine. If it’s a good leak than the newest date for the HTC Thunderbolt is March 10th.

We took a little flack yesterday on Twitter for posting the March 4th rumor off twitter that every other site on the planet posted at the same time, however our Verizon leak that leaked us merge, vortex, continuum, xoom, and galaxy tab news before anyone else had told us on the phone yesterday “it’s more like the 10th” in response to the March 4th leak.

We’re not going to report this as official by any stretch but believable, YES.

By the way, our good excellent Verizon ninja also reconfirmed that yes there were skype video problems but the hand-off problem is the one that’s holding it back.

UPDATE: One of our twitter followers @banderberg pointed out that the form in this picture has old dates and old devices in it and the only non released device on the list is the Thunderbolt. The March 10th date has not previously been reported as a leaked date which could definitely suggest that this is a doctored document. Conversely the “whats in” portion may suggest that Best Buy has units in stock waiting on a word from Verizon. This twitter tip doesn’t change the fact that one of our best Verizon ninjas suggested the week of the 10th yesterday.

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