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Payment One Introduces Android Payment Method At #MWC11 Includes In App Payments

At the Honeycomb introduction event at the Googleplex earlier this year we heard about some of the new enhancements to the Android market. One of these enhancements that will change the way we use the Android ecosystem is “in app” payments.

“In app” payments is a way that you can pay for virtual goods, extra lives, extra levels, and things of that nature while playing a game or using an app. What this means for Android users is that premium games can be free in the Android Market and also free of ads because their monetization model is in the “in app” purchases.  It’s the way that Zynga makes millions of dollars on their social media games.  You can play Farmville, Cityville, and any of the other Zynga titles and have a reasonable amount of fun without “buying” anything however paying for extra coins, special decorations or more Cityville or Farmville dollars enhances your games and gets you further quicker.

San Jose, CA based Payment One, an award winning payment company, has announced a new payment service specifically for Android called  the Pay One Android solution.  With Pay One Android, Android users can simply click and use any of their phone numbers to securely pay  for applications, in-game extras and related digital services.  Android users don’t have to leave the application to bill to their Android device and it doesn’t need a credit card, pre-registration or account sign up.

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This new solution by Payment One would be very similar to the way Zong and Tapjoy work on a computer when playing social media games.

Developers can develop games with in-app payments and using Payment Ones solution, have access to over 1100 currently existing carrier relationships that Payment One offers which include some of the major North American carriers.

“Publishers and Developers are looking for simple open solutions that enable direct monetization of their applications in multiple distribution channels,” said Joe Lynam, President and CEO of PaymentOne. “We have been successfully partnering with digital merchants to monetize their services for over 10 years, and as every screen becomes a point of sale, from smart phones to tablets, and personal computers to TVs, our focus is to continue to provide payment services across all types of applications and devices that allow simple, safe and secure payments.”

The SDK’s are available to developers now.

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