Official Twitter For Android App Gets Another Update 2.0.1

Back on February 11th Elijah reviewed Twitter for Android 2.0, now a mere two and a half weeks later the folks at Twitter have updated the “official” twitter app again.¬† For those who aren’t familiar, the Official Twitter for Android app is actually made by the people at Twitter. Many Android users actually use Twidroyd, Seesmic, Tweetcaster, Plume, Hootsuite, Twicca and Tweetdeck either in place of or in conjunction with Twitter for Android.

If your Android device is on version 2.1 or above than you can go get this update from the Android market. The biggest feature in the new update is that when you leave the app it keeps your place in the timeline. That’s a very useful feature that people were definitely missing on Twitter for Android.

Tapping on a map brings up a full screen map now. The update also fixed crash bugs in landscape mode.

No this update does not bring multiple account sign in or support approving friends for protected accounts. Maybe next time.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I use Twidroid because it is the only Twitter app to A2SD. Maybe twitter should make a non-widget version for people like me. I can’t believe I am the olny person who would rather have A2SD support over widgets.

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