NYC Health Department Considering Barcodes For Restaurant Scorecards

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According to New York City’s Department of Health there are over 20,000 restaurants in New York City. That’s a huge number of places to eat. Whether you are strolling through Times Square, Chelsea, The Village, Central Park or wherever else you may be, most restaurants proudly display their health department grade right in the front of the shop in a nice prominent location.

Have you ever had your Urban Spoon or WHERE app suggest a restaurant in New York City and arrived to see a “B” instead of an “A”, sure a “B” is still good but don’t you wish you could find out why.  Most people have enough common sense to stay away from the C’s  but you may want to know about their score as well? The health department in New York posts their grades, including the notes and other information in their online database, but now they want to serve it up to would be diners quicker. That’s why they are considering barcodes for their in restaurant grade display sheets.

This is a really good idea. In an age of cut everything out of the budget it seems someone at the health department in New York is thinking out of the box and in the best interest of consumers.

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If Mayor Bloomberg and his health department have their way then soon consumers will be able to use any barcode scanning application on their smartphone and get linked to the mode detailed information about each restaurants current grade.  It wouldn’t be that hard to do either they wouldn’t have to store anything but a link in the barcode that would link to the health department websites evaluation of that restaurant.

New York City has already implemented barcodes on the sides of their garbage trucks that take people to an advertisement about New York’s recycling programs.  They are also using barcodes with new building permits that will tell people more detailed information about the project like estimated completion, owner, contractor and what’s being built.

With New York City being the mecca of outdoor advertising there are barcodes everywhere.  A lot of bars, restaurants and night clubs are using barcodes for drink and food specials as well as loyalty clubs.

We expect to be inundated with barcodes in June during IWNY

Source: NY Daily News

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