Never Eat A Bad Meal Out Again Thanks To Android App Bizzy

Between CES and MWC we’ve seen probably 100 new location based apps so when we were asked to take a look at Bizzy we wanted to know what does Bizzy do we can’t get anywhere else.

The answer a Bizzy spokesperson told us “Bizzy is helping people to never eat a bad meal out again”. Whether you like fusion sushi, Idian, Thai or just the best burger in town, Bizzy knows what to suggest. Bizzy is a recommendation engine app and it’s very easy to use.

Basically you ask Bizzy “What’s the best burger in town” and based on the recommendations of others (the social aspect) it recommends the best burger in town. It’s great to discover places in new towns when you’re traveling or find places that you didn’t know were right around the corner.

Bizzy App Features:
·       Discover nearby recommended businesses on your Android phone from anywhere
·       Access recommendations based on your personal tastes – not friends, ads or random listings
·       View a list of your top recommendations
·       See tips for a place from Bizzy users, plus see Foursquare tips and Yelp reviews
·       Filter recommendations based on business category and subcategory
·       Discover people with similar tastes
·       Share new favorites via Twitter and Facebook
·       Leave tips to share your favorite things about a business

Bizzy allows you to set up an account by using your email address or Facebook authorization.

Bizzy can already be found on IOS devices Gadi Shamia, Bizzy founder, president and general manager said “Finding places is something that people are doing on the go all the time, which is why we are excited to expand our mobile portfolio to the Android platform.”

Try Bizzy now click here

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