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Netflix For Android Right Around The Corner

Okay here’s the deal. Netflix is coming to Android thanks from some help from Qualcomm. According to Qualcomm the hold up has been in the security. Despite having been in the streaming business longer than Blockbuster for some reason Netflix had some problems with it.  We popped by the Qualcomm booth but it was packed and the video was taking forever because well we hate to see it GSMA but the WIFI SUCKS at Mobile World Congress.

Qualcomm is working on a new 2.5ghz (yes we said it and we’ll say it again 2.5ghz) processor which processes data a minimum of 150% faster than the original Snap Dragon (although the Qualcomm rep told us that anyone with even minor math skills could have deduced that).

With Netflix for Android being powered by the new Qualcomm chip we will be able to watch Netflix movies and streaming tv programs with virtually no lag.

The demo at MWC is the LG Revolution however a piece on Foxnews says that it will becoming to Sprint as well.  A Senior Executive with Qualcomm said “Qualcomm is in a unique position to help bring the most optimized and advanced Android apps to market through working closely with the strong ecosystem of Snapdragon developers like Netflix,

Although no confirmed dates are out yet we’ve been told to expect Netflix for Android in the late spring.

Source: TDG MWC Coverage and Fox News


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