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My first week in Founder Institute

So as many as you’ve heard I’ve been accepted into the prestigious Founder Institute which has been polarized on many Tech based sites like TechCrunch. Our first meeting was last Sunday and we have weekly meetings on Mondays down in Marina Del Ray. Every session we have mentors who speak and last Monday we had: Fred Joyal – CEO & Co-Founder of  1-800-DENTIST , Adeo Ressi – CEO,, and my personal favorite out of the three was  Stephen Meade – Founder, BigBamboo( who funny enough shot down my idea as something tried 5 years ago…Yes before Android came out).

They speak from everything from how they started, to the numerous failed start-ups to finally realizing what they had and going after it.  Besides each mentor that speaks we have a great number of other ones there for us to talk to about our ideas for insight into what they know along with some grads as well. During the past two sessions we’ve had we also get to go in front of the mentors and pitch our ideas. They then rate us on a scale of 1-5 without us being able to give any feedback as to what there comments or concerns are. That I believe is the hard part as I keep getting told I can’t answer even though I keep trying to.

Being someone who hasn’t been in school in quit a few years the shock of having homework do each week as weird as it sounds is kind of fun. Each week we have an assignment posted that varies in what is needed based on the week before what we went over. I’ll admit the way its done is kind of confusing so I end up always being a week ahead some how.

Along with the homework we also had to go through this list of local mentors and email 3 of them to have them hopefully not just have enough time but also be interested enough in our ideas to be our mentors. I was lucky enough to get two out of the three to quickly say yes even though at the near time be busy. As of now for mentors I have Simon Mainwaring CEO at Mainwaring Creative and Oded Noy Founder & CEO, Social Approach. Both in which I hope will understand my idea as the mobile landscape of what advertising can do and will do in the future is a new area in which isn’t fully realized yet.

Next Mondays speakers will be: Ken Rutkowski, Simon Mainwaring, and Taryn Rose. I’ll post back next week as to how things are going 😉

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