Motorola Offering Unlockable Bootloader on Xoom For Developers

Motorola has been working hard to improve their relationship with the Android development community after a rogue social media analyst for Motorola tweeted that they basically didn’t care about the dev/enthusiast community. Motorola Mobility has done a better than usual job of showing thats true.

Although it doesn’t look like the Atrix has an unlockable bootloader, according to the tweet above from their official Motorola Mobility twitter feed, the Motorola Xoom will offer an unlockable bootloader.

Since the Motorola Xoom is the first Android tablet by Motorola, the first Android tablet with Honeycomb and the first officially endorsed Android tablet with a 10.1″ screen, the boot loader being unlocked is vital to the development community to develop apps that utilize the features of the buttonless hardware.

Motorola would like for their users to use the tablet with the UI experience they have on board, however opening up the boot loader to app developers also opens it up for people to port roms on and off the Motorola Xoom. It seems Motorola has realized that there are way more pro’s than con’s to doing this.

Source: Twitter via Androidcentral

4 Replies to “Motorola Offering Unlockable Bootloader on Xoom For Developers”

  1. “Motorola Mobility has done a better than usual job of showing thats true.”

    Care to revise that so it makes sense?

  2. But of course Moto is spinning it in a way that makes them seem golden. Can’t believe people are buying it.

  3. Moto didn’t realize anything. Its only unlocked because its Google’s flagship Honeycomb device. I say this is Google’s doing moreso than Moto’s.

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