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Motorola Milestone Gets An Early Early Gingerbread Build Courtesy Of XDA, Cyanogen and Team Douche

The Motorola Milestone, which is the non Verizon version of the Motorola Droid available in both CDMA and GMS, has received an early early build of Gingerbread thanks to the members over at XDA.

In the release note XDA Developer edgarcastro gives credit to “CyanogenMod, nadlabak, f_pasha, mtwebster, rcerqueira, koush, MDijkstra, Skrilax_CZ, the guys from cvpcs and everyone else that had the patience to help me out figuring out how to put everything together.”

They also advise again that its an early build and that it could damage your phone if you don’t know what your doing , or it could turn out perfectly. As of right now GPS is a known bug and not working.

As with any ROM or MOD we post to remember you are at your own risk when trying to do this. Please follow the XDA developers suggestions on the best way to load this onto your device.

Source: XDA

TDG Note on XDA, TD and Other Developer sites.
Developers are a great asset to the Android ecosystem. The developers at TD, XDA and others are working hard to bring you the best possible ROMs and Mods for your Android device. As such please follow their rules for newbies if you have never visited their site and please for the love of god don’t every ask for a timeline.¬† XDA requires that you post 10 posts and become an active member of the community before joining the discussion on the development board.

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