Motorola Makes A 2nd Quarter Touch Down At The Superbowl…

In case you’re not watching the Superbowl, Motorola Mobility’s new ad for the Motorola Xoom on Verizon just played during the 2nd quarter of the Superbowl game in Dallas Texas. We love that Motorola and Angry Birds (through partner 20th Century Fox) actually purchased time in the Superbowl so we can say Superbowl as opposed to “Big Game”

What were your thoughts on the ad though? The background is that in  the year 1984 Apple heard a breathtaking “1984 esque” ad showing off the Macintosh and how it would change the world.  Over the last 27 years many have made references and spoofs of the ad including getting political where Hillary Clinton was the figurehead in the mocking of Apple’s original ad.

Although only similar in nature it’s clear that Motorola sees the Xoom as the first true contender against the covered iPad and will make a gigantic splash with it when it goes on sale at Verizon retailers later this month.

Source: The Superbowl and Motoroa

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