Motorola Lays Off 175 From It’s WiMax Unit

Yesterday we brought you a story about how Digitimes is reporting that LTE will trump Wimax by a factor of 10 to 1 by 2014.  Just before we posted that story we also reported that Clearwire is shutting down several of it’s retail store fronts in an effort to cut 15% of it’s work force.

Today the news is coming out of Motorola’s new Motorola Solutions business. Motorola Solutions is the other half of the Motorola split that happened on January 4, 2011 when Motorola split into Mobility and Solutions.   Solutions handles enterprise, networks and wimax among other things.

Motorols Solutions announced today that they were cutting 175 people from their Wi-Max division based in Arlington Heights, IL, Fort Worth, Texas and Tempe Arizona. Motorola Solutions and before that, Motorola, specializes in making base station units for Wi-Max towers.

This is a clear (no pun intended) signal that LTE is definitely taking off.  Wi-Max was the first “4th generation” wireless network system deployed in the United States, originally by Clearwire, and Xohm.  Both of those companies merged and then Sprint bought a 54% stake in Clearwire.  Sprint is the only US company to deploy Wi-Max as it’s “4G”.

Sprint said yesterday that they will make more announcements on the 17th of February regarding their position in 4G deployment.


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