Motorola Goes Retro And Brings Back The RAZR As The Motorola Gleam

Hold onto your hats folks this is going to blow you away.  Ok, so not really but we thought this was really interesting. Motorola is bringing back the RAZR form factor in the new Motorola Gleam.  It’s a solid regular old clamshell phone but the RAZR form factor may inspire some people to pick one up as the actual phone they communicate on, we just use the internet and apps on our smart phones right?

Whether you’re actually going to pick one up or not is up to you we just thought it was cool that they are bringing it back.  An email (before business hours ended at Motorola’s PR Offices) we asked if they could also consider bringing back the Motorola Star Tac and the Bravo pager. This email has gone unreturned. We will follow up Monday in Barcelona at MWC. Yes, a Startac, I’d pick that up.

Here are the stats from the new version of RAZR

WAP 2.0 Browser support
SMS, MMS, Email, Pop 3 capable
32mb Flash /16mb RAM End user memory 5mb
Micro SD Supports up to 16gb
2 megapixel camera with video

Source: Cellular News

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